Golf Bets

Bookmakers Golf Betting

Below is a breakdown of the types of Golf Bets available to the golfing punter. It should be noted that Bookmakers offer a multiple choice market, which gives you plenty of scope to try your hand. Before making any bets we advise you to check with your selected Bookmakers that they provide the market you are after. It is also important to remember that all the Bookmakers mentioned on this site offer a Free Bet facility for you to take advantage of. Some Bookmakers vary on the number of places they allow in Each Way and Place Betting but it is rarely less than five.

Golf Betting - Outright Win

This is single market betting on one particular player in any specific market to win only. If the golfer you have chosen fails to win then the bet is lost. However, if he wins then the odds are always more favourable than if the best was each way.

Golf Betting - Place Finish

It is always advisable to check with a variety of Bookmakers before making one of these bets, as often the proportion of the odds received varies. Place finishes can vary and it means that the selection must finish in a place, usually from second to sixth. Some Bookmakers however pay out on a proportionate basis meaning that the higher the selection finishes the greater the return. Other Bookmakers do not differentiate and pay out the same whatever place the selection finishes, provided it is in the top six.

Golf Bets - Each Way Golf Betting

An each way bet is in effect a combination bet, made up of two exact halves. The first half is laid out for the selection to win; the second half is laid out for a place. The pay out is 100% of the odds for the win bet and usually 25% of the second half if a place is achieved. It means that if the selection manages only a place then the return is 25% of the second half of the bet. For instance, �10 each way for a player winning at 10/1 would mean you get �100 for the win plus �25.00 for the place. If the player does not win but finishes in a place the win bet is lost, but the place bet will pay �25.00.

Golf Bets - Match Betting

This is a bet made on whether or not a player will beat the other in a two ball match. These bets can be made in both match play and stroke play forms of the game.

Golf Bets - Three Ball Bet

Quite simply this is a bet made on the outcome of a three ball match, it is in effect a bet placed on whether one player will outscore the other two players over one round. They are very popular in the Major tournaments where it is common that the first two rounds are played in groups of three’s.