Live Golf Betting

Live In Play Golf Betting

Whilst not always attracting the best odds, live in play betting - or in running as it is sometimes called - is a fantastic market for golf punters. It is particularly good for those who not only bet on the sport but who also follow it avidly. For many people watching golf is extremely addictive, which is one of the reasons why there has recently been a huge growth in Golf Betting. There are now millions of people around the world who watch golf on TV and keep up to speed with all the latest Golf Odds with their online facility at their disposal.

The reason for watching golf in front of the TV is obvious; the punter can see how the golfer is playing and will thus have a greater idea if that particular golfer is a worthwhile bet or not. Of course the Bookmakers do this too and they will lengthen or shorten odds on that player accordingly. The key to success is knowing the precise time to make the in running bet and with the best Bookmakers odds possible. Free bets are also acceptable with in-running betting.

A classic example of this was in the 2008 US Open, when on the final hole, Tiger Woods, who was a shot behind and needed to make a huge putt to tie the tournament, had odds prior to making the putt of 3/1. The moment he made the putt he went to 1/3 to win the tournament – It was a huge betting swing based on one shot.